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Smart Batch Composting Machine

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To carry out the mixing and crushing process the machine is empowered by a geared motor for mixing & churning purpose and a high speed motor to crush the tough waste material. The critical components of the machine are manufactured in SS 304 for longer life and better results.

The Process:
The 100% segregated bio-degradable waste has to be treated in this composting machine. The machine works in two stages, in the first stage it first crushes the waste and then mixes it homogeneously with the bio decomposition culture.
In the second stage this homogeneous mixture is further mixed & churn with saw dust / bagasse, to soak the excess water content from the biomass which ultimately deodorizes it. Later this pre-composted mass is kept for curing in the Curing Bays for about 12 days. After the 12th day the container is ready with compost and can be used for field applications.
We supply the complete system including the Smart composter and curing system including irrigation system to effectively treat the organic biodegradable portion of MSW to convert into compost.
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