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Mechanical Composting is the most efficient and effective mode of MSW disposal, carried out through a built in shredder and cylindrical container having churning system working simultaneously to crush and mix the waste matter so as to cut down on the volume and faster pre-decomposition. The machine is also equipped with heating arrangement which optimizes the performance of the microorganisms hence accelerating the composting process. This compost can directly be used for the field application.

The Process:
The 100% segregated bio-degradable waste has to be treated in this composting machine. The machine is developed on the principle of providing complete composting system in a single machine, both the shredding & composting takes place in a machine employing thermophilic micro-organisms to convert the  shredded organic waste to compost.
The temperature required for thermophilic process (50-55o C) is achieved by heating mechanism installed inside the machine which maintains the mass at that temperature with uniform mixing.
The input is first fed to a built in shredder which reduces the waste material size to maximize surface area available for uniform heating & contact with micro- organisms for quick composting.
Aerobic composting being exothermic reaction generates heat which further helps in removing the moisture by evaporation and renders dry, ready to use compost in a few days. The compost can be unloaded at uniform intervals. The air exchanges from the composting chamber ensure adequate availability of air required for  Aerobic composting.
The end product is the compost which can be directly used in field application.
Smart Xpress, the Mechanical Composter by Smart Environs Systems operates with a very simple mechanism that breaks down the complex bio-degradable waste into its simpler forms. This deodorized waste-stock is further cured within the machine for 2-3 days to produce the compost as end product. This compost can directly be used for the field application.

All the wetted parts are in SS 304 to ensure maximum life of the machine.

We offers solutions in management of solid waste, organic waste, municipal waste, bio-degradable waste. We manufacture Organic Waste Composting Machines, Briquetting Machines, Waste Shredders, De-watering Press & Garbage Compactors.

Nikita Engineers is a leading supplier of #Organic-waste-Composter-

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